Wednesday , 15 July 2020

Contest: Win your «dream» wristwatch

From the first 100 newsletter subscribers in the month of December 2019, ten candidates will be drawn, to whom we will able to create a virtual watch collection of ten different watches of your choice – like new and vintage watches.

Each brand and model may be represented only once at a collector.

Whose collection has the highest value after one year is the winner and receives its “dream”-wristwatch with a guided manufature tour and a lunch with the CEO of the brand for Christmas 2020.

Ebner employees as well as freelancers as well as sympathizers of the German watch journalists, job writers etc., are strictly excluded from this competition.

About Karl Heinz Nuber

Ist langjähriger Uhren Journalist und began seine Karriere in den frühen 80er Jahren und war der erste ernsthafte Uhren Journalist weltweit. Er ist Gründer des vierteljährlich bilingual erscheinenden TOURBILLON Magazins, dem TOURBILLON Blog TICK-Talk, der Ausstellungs- und Event Plattform Art of TOURBILLON und TOURBILLON TV. Er tritt regelmässig als Kenner der Branche in Erscheinung.

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