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The next watch revolution in Basel?

Current and innovative conversation material in the watch community: The “Swiss Watch Treasure House, short SWTH” in Basel – open 365 days a year – could provide solidarity in the Swiss watch industry.

Why Basel, Basel is located in the heart of Europe and is therefore the gateway to the Swiss watch industry. The watch factories and watch museums can be reached with the steam locomotive in no time.


The SWTH is unique, because only here does the visitor get a historical overview of the entire Swiss watch industry. In the rooms, the watch brands give a first impression of their specific design, the unmistakable special features and the rich history. Small and medium-sized watch brands also have the opportunity to draw attention to themselves in an appropriate setting. Events about watch technology, products and manufacturing methods take place daily in the lively house and thus attract watch-interested and luxury-loving visitors. The watch community thus has a unique platform that is also available in digital and virtual form.

The idea of the watch safe is ingenious and unique. Visitors interested in watches can find guaranteed availability of their dream watch in an assortment of 100,000 watches. The entire current range of the watch industry and more than 50,000 preowned watches certified by the brands themselves. Watch enthusiasts can reserve up to twenty watches online so that they can experience the unique “watch & feel” experience themselves.

All watches can then be purchased in a trusted specialist shop in Freie Strasse, which is developing into a shopping mile of watches, jewelry, art and design.

The Swiss Watch Treasure House is therefore an enrichment for tourism, the hotel industry and gastronomy. This location creates a new attraction for Switzerland and generates added value for the watch industry that should not be underestimated. The Swiss Watch Treasure House embodies the change in consumer habits and is developing into a contemporary ambassador for the watch industry.

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