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U-Boat Sommerso Bronze: A watch fully of dynamite

A well-balanced combination of elements pushes today Italo Fontana in launching a bronze version of his professional dive watch, Sommerso.

From one side he has always found intriguing this ancient metal alloy for all its natural properties setting it apart from all of the other metals.

On the other hand, Italo’s passion for diving gathered in this watch, designed to withstand the rigorous demands of professional diving in the first place, done the rest providing Sommerso with all the benefits coming from this metal inherently tied to maritime settings.

The first metal, humankind learned to manipulate, marking deeply one of the periods of human history, always attracted him and it has become something of a hip metal for his watches so to develop in the space of a few years many models in bronze.

Highly resistant to seawater and to corrosion, harder than stainless steel and iron combined, often used in the arms industries, creating a patina, unique to each timepiece, evolving in different colors; these are just few of the characteristics intriguing Italo since ever.

A nod to antique diving equipment worn by the earliest nautical divers is evident and empathized by the natural oxidation of the material of the 46mm case, which creates a naturally aged look, often a unique one, extremely desirable by its wearer.

Necessary for every pro-dive watch, it features a rotating unidirectional bezel with calibrated markers every five minutes interspersed with numbers every ten minutes from 10 to 50. On its left side is the characteristic U-BOAT crown with a patented protective device.

A Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating protects the watch dial which is composed of three superimposed layers with the upper one in black with luminous beige hands and markers plus an additional counter for the 24 hours of the day and the date placed on the opposite side. Sommerso boasts a swiss automatic mechanical movement, personalized to U-BOAT specifications featuring date, hours, minutes, seconds plus the 24 hours indicator.

Water resistant to 300 meters, the watch also paired the case with a dark brown handmade and hand finished calf leather strap with a bronze buckle subdued to a special anti-corrosion treatment.

Sommerso: the biggest virtues of bronze, pro diving features along with iconic, timeless and bold design, all in one timepiece for diving or for any other occasion, you decide which!

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