Thursday , 25 July 2024
Mit Elie Bernheim im Gespräch

5 questions to Raymond Weil’s CEO, Elie Bernheim

We sat down with Elie Bernheim, CEO of Raymond Weil, in his office and talked about the brands latest launches and the inspiration behind the family-owned watchmaker.

Good morning Elie, what are you most excited for this Spring season?

RAYMOND WEIL has just launched our new maestro automatic timepieces which are a part of the RAYMOND WEIL core collection. They combine a timeless and elegant design with Swiss craftsmanship and watchmaking tradition.
The maestro, meaning “master”, demonstrates the mastery of RAYMOND WEIL Swiss horology and celebrates the world of Music.

How does it translate to the Brand and you personally?

Music is a big part of the Brand and a huge inspiration that translates over to our timepieces. We have our Music Icons series that celebrate unique artists and bands such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, David Bowie and more, in addition to our core collections. I myself am a music lover, I play the piano and specialize in the cello.

What timepiece are you currently wearing?

Today, I am wearing our new freelancer skeleton watch, 2785-BKR-20000. It features RAYMOND WEIL’s RW1212 calibre in-house movement, symbolising the path we have travelled to date and the free-spirited approach we bring to watchmaking.

RAYMOND WEIL is one of the last family-owned watchmaking companies. What sets it apart?

RAYMOND WEIL has always stood out for its pioneering character, striving constantly to create timepieces which reflect the Brand’s values of independence, creativity and watchmaking savoir-faire. Running an independent Brand is a daily exercise combining precision, innovation and creativity. Our mission is that you feel these values when wearing a RAYMOND WEIL watch.

Let’s dive into something more personal. How did the pandemic affect your vision of time?

It made me realize even more how precious time is. It is an incredible privilege but also a true luxury. I am trying to be less fixed on the future and more focused on living in the moment. In my everyday life it means spending more time with family and friends.
For RAYMOND WEIL this means engaging more with my network and customers.
Less projection, more action.

Thank you very much for the interesting interview!

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