Tuesday , 5 December 2023

Franck Dubarry Crazy Wheel Gemma

Franck Dubarry unveils a new collection dedicated to women, based on the Crazy Wheel original design.

Franck Dubarry unveils a new collection dedicated to women, based on the Crazy Wheel (CWOl) original design. Cutting-edge techniques and mechanical innovations are brought together with Haute­ Horlogerie finishing and refined materials. Timeless and dynamic colors highlight avant-garde case design, iconic from Franck Dubarry creations.

Developed and manufactured by Franck Dubarry, this in-house 360° mechanism displays a laser-cut hour disc on the minute flying-bridge. A mechanical differential allows the hour dial to remain horizontal while telling the time. With its 38-hours power-reserve, the 4Hz automatic movement displays the date through a skeletonized and multi-level architecture dial.

Franck Dubarry plays with materials and contrasts bringing together Bronze and Emeralds or pink Sapphires, Titanium and blue Sapphires. Bezels are set with 30 gems Baguettes cut, and the flying-hour of the dials comes with matching careful lacquered colors.

The exclusive designed strap with “shark gills” is made of the most comfortable natural rubber and a branded Folding Clasp Titanium buckle.

In order to guarantee the quality of these watches, Franck Dubarry has used the most innovative technological materials, such as Titanium GradeS or Bronze. The controlled balance of this combination gives the watch an unmistakably technical look. This aspect is further enhanced by a multitude of details:the design of the hands is inspired by aeronautics, while their tips decorated with Luminova allow day or night reading.

Franck Daburry, “Homo Tempus”

The case is engraved with tattoos emblematic of Maori culture, an element that makes the brand immediately recognizable. The Rubber strap combined with a folding Titanium buckle under-lines the character of this Crazy Wheel Gemma collection.

The Crazy Wheel Gemma collection by Franck Dubarry, is showing another side to its evolving personality.

On the back of the case, the sculpture of an active man expresses his relationship with time. For the designer, the “Homo Tempus” represents the digital man, who manages his time through the technology that he can grasp.

The designer believes a man’s actions express his freedom, his creativity, his desire for improvement as a human being, a key value in human development.

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