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«Around Five» Sculpture of Time, born in Switzerland and now available in North America!

A complete new concept about a disruptive clock aimed as much at watch enthusiasts as at design purists and aesthetes.

Around Five was born from the meeting between Antoine Lorotte and Philippe Vallat, engineer and designer with numerous collaborations on various exceptional projects to their credit. They have had the confidence of the biggest international brands for several years. Today, alongside their activity, they are launching their brand, which carries values ​​of pleasure, quality and innovation.

Born in Switzerland from the unusual pairing of an artist-designer and a crazy innovation firm, the Around Five clock silently keeps time passing by thanks to a high-tech heart embedded in a technological concentrate. The Sculpture of Time is aimed as much at watch enthusiasts as at design purists and aesthetes. Ask this timepiece to tell you the second, and it will mischievously answer “Around Five”! It will finally invite you to take your time and go beyond the precision of your usual timepieces. Achieved aesthetics serving a retrograde hour In absolute silence, in a linear and smooth motion, Around Five introduces you to time suspended – a time for well-being. Almost static, the hours and minutes are shown by a vertical ‘sail’ that glides from left to right along a skyline and proudly plays the role of a time indicator according to the graduation it is being flown. In the upper hoop, the daytime hours scroll from an early morning 6:00 AM to the zenith before fading away at 6:00 PM, the middle point of the artwork. The night hours then sink slowly until midnight and end their path on the opposite 6 o’clock, announcing a new dawn. The ‘sail’ then returns in 8 seconds slowly to its starting point. A new cycle of 24 hours is initiated while the infinity sign is narrowed. It is magical, hypnotic, moving.

Universal and chameleonic

Of course, the sun doesn’t rise at 6:00 AM or set at 6:00 PM everywhere in the world. Around Five therefore defies the seasons and specific geolocations to create a universal time signature. At ease in a bustling office or in the quietness of a plush interior, this kinetic poetry inhabited by a Swiss-Made mechanism made of micromechanics and electronics, calls out through its pureness. With elegance, it invites dialogue, initiates talks and brushes aside the imperturbable flow of time in absolute silence. Time is always passing, but it has style .

Suspended time, specifications

Around Five indicates 24 hours by moving a ‘sail’ mounted on an invisible linear drive. The 8 seconds of retrograde return of the ‘sail’ at 6 o’clock is included in the extreme accuracy measurement of -/+ 2 sec/day. Its stepper motor is provided with a sinusoidal current monitoring device and a vibration damping system. 100% noiseless, it is powered by 5 batteries in a stainless steel spring-loaded hatch hidden in the aluminum stand, and offers a 1-year autonomy. Whatever the chosen finishing, the basic material of both the base and this Time Sculpture is mainly aluminum.

Around Five will fit into any interior and decor style. Modern, vintage, contemporary, design. Its weight of a little more than 4 pounds is spread over reasonable dimensions, 19.3 x 3.2 x 5.3 inches. These proportions mean that this clock can be easily added to any interior design with both class and grace, as well as being the focal point of all eyes or the main source of attractions.

Around Five, distributed in the United States and Canada by Totally Worth ItNatural brushed or natural polished brass $ 3,850 | Black brushed anodized aluminum or natural brushed Thales $ 3,250 | Covered with 3N gold leaf $ 5,500 | Black polished wall bracket $ 550 | Warranty 2 years. Finishings, accessory, limited series of 100 pieces In addition to Around Five, it is possible to purchase a minimalist aluminum wall bracket to hang it on the wall like a painting, to install it in the heart of an interior scene as a highlight of a performance or as a subtle touch of a specific architectural style. The Around Five Sculpture of Time will match any lighting and color palette. Available in matte or glossy black, brushed anodized aluminum, gold leaf or brushed brass and aluminum. Each finishing is a limited edition of 100 pieces. Its universal time-reading concept allows for an infinite variety of developments and customizations.

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