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Label Noir meets L’Epée 1839: Time Fast D8 LN_EP01

The exclusively bespoke Label Noir studio unveils the Time Fast D8, part of a limited edition and its first design of the exceptional table clock designer, L’Epée 1839.

How do you grab attention and spark admiration in one fell swoop? You master the art of surprise. That’s how Label Noir has been mesmerising watch lovers who want to stand out with customised timepieces and limited edition collaborations bearing the brand’s sig-nature since 2011. Spreading the joy of wonder restores luxury to its rightful place and makes it desirable. Master craftsmen use their expertise to carve out creations that tantalise the imagination and conjure a unique style fuelled by fresh visual emotions. The relationship with L’Epée 1839 is a match made in heaven.

L’Épée may have been around for 180 years but it’s still on the cutting-edge of timekeeping. Auguste L’Epée founded the first factory in Switzerland devoted to mak-ing premium clocks and it spent decades making mu-sic box and watch parts. Fast forward to the present and you’ll see L’Épée dazzling everyone with incredible designs such as the Time Fast D8, unveiled in 2019. The kinetic sculpture was brought to life by Georg Foster, an ambitious student who designed it during his Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship at ECAL.

The young car racing enthusiast drew inspiration from the collective imagination and icons of a golden age when driving a race car went hand in hand with adventure. A staggering table clock took shape: a sleek single seater with a roaring engine. Instead of pistons, sumps and cylinder heads, it has countless cogs to power the manual wind 1855 MHD calibre at 18,000 beats per hour (2.5 Hz). The in-house engine hugs the 38cm long handmade aluminium car’s curves.

The hours and minutes are displayed on the side on two stainless steel disks so the aperture looks like a regular race number. The advertising spot on the other side of the chassis bears the engraved L’Epée 1839 logo on the original model. The colours capture famous race cars specific to certain countries in the early 20th century.

Label Noir’s take on it blows you away with a next-level design. Used in the automotive industry, a matte black paint has been applied to the bodywork. A matte black ADLC (Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon) coating covers the plates, alloys and escapement system. The classic style gives the table clock an air of mystery. There are countless assets to the coating, such as being resistant and biocompatible. The thin layers also make it harder and more resistant to wear and rust.

Dashes of yellow on the Genevan bespoke specialist’s lettering highlight its sporty style. The sun-drenched hue glows from the numbers on the timekeeping rollers and trims the wheels. Every piece has

The cockpit houses the time-setting wheel in case the engine breaks down. Turn the steering wheel anti-clockwise to set the time and turn it clockwise to reposition the wheel.

The Time Fast D8 doesn’t run on fossil fuel either. The movement cylinder only needs winding once a week thanks to its 8-day power reserve (192 hours). The rear wheels use retro friction to wind the clock in a playful nod to our pull-back toy cars. Join Label Noir and L’Epée 1839 on a full throttle adventure back in time.

The exclusive limited edition LN_EP01 model (5 available) is available for 31,500 CHF exc. VAT online.

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