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The Swiss Watch Brand Kerbedanz diversifies to a global lifestyle hero

Kerbedanz blends watchmaking excellence with the art of lifestyle overall vision: the true power of an authentic DNA. Kerbedanz is now launching leather goods, cufflinks and writing instruments…

Just after having added a whole collection of watches to its range, “Cadanz by Kerbedanz”. The new 2021 Cadanz by Kerbedanz line with more than thirty references is the start of a metamorphosis: the Kerbedanz story is now also about lifestyle, light heartedness, casualness and a different kind of elegance.

Crafting Your Singularity With a slew of playful and stylish references, discreetly branded with its own logo, the Swiss watch brand already renowned for its expertise in unique pieces and micro-series, as well as for Maximus, the world ‘largest tourbillon, is taking off for new territories. From Neuchâtel, in the heart of the fundamental terroirs of watchmaking excellence, Kerbedanz is spraying the navy blue and orange identity values of its leitmotiv.

Crafting Your Singularity on a range of inspired accessories. A range of practical and well-designed pieces with a touch of smooth desirability, watch and worn and epicurean freshness. Always set on a context of singular reliefs, sublimated uniqueness and accomplished know-how.

Leather goods, the “Grain d’Orge” coated canvas

Repetitive patterns, reversed, mixing geometry, colors and movements, give birth to a particularly successful printed canvas, distinct and synonymous with classicism mixed with contemporaneity. A canvas that combines gray, red, blue and mallard green.

An identity pattern named “Grain d’Orge” in reference to a famous type of guilloché.

Here is for the leather goods, made of its four colors to experience daily, urban or outings: tote bags, wallets and credit card holders, practical and smart, passport holder, bag accessories… A collection where the harmony allows some happy color combinations and where the originality of a subtle orange outline reveals the cut of some pockets.

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The ultimate in detail, luxury at the end of your sleeves

The Kerbedanz brand’s other achievement are these cufflinks shaped like ogives or armorial shields, which delights aesthetes who love simplicity and purity as much as afficionados of complicated watches with a high added chronometric value. Discreet, subtle as well as technical, these cufflinks relive the sparkle of 925 silver and 18-carat pink gold, both covered with colored enamel and stemming from the art of guillochage. Design automatic timepieces, the Cadanz by Kerbedanz Collection Their names reveal a lot about their slender lines: Idyll, Signature, Cruise and Boutique Edition. The Cadanz by Kerbedanz are spelling out the hours along a stylish and refined typographic font, sometimes crossed with baton hour markers, daring inner circles that vein the dial, various aesthetic combinations that break any visual monotony and are currently available in three diameter sizes, 32, 36 or 41. In addition to their design flair, their multiple combinations of gemstones and their iconizing aesthetic codes, they feature the most noble Swiss Made attributes in terms of mechanical self[1]winding movement: prestigious calibers manufacturers, and Kerbedanz chronometric expertise, such as the comfortable power reserve, rare materials, or the tungsten for the rotor of a Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier calibre.


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