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Greubel Forsey: Buyback of Richemont minority stake

At the end of 2006, Greubel Forsey, the high-end niche supplier of exceptional complications, gave 20 percent of its share capital to the Richemont Group to finance its growth. Since 18 March 2022, Greubel Forsey has again owned 100 percent of the share capital. 

Founded in 2004, Greubel Forsey has always paved its own path, devoting itself to uncompromising innovation, exceptional hand finishing, engaging movement architecture and excellence through each step of creation. 

Robert Greubel, Stephen Forsey

Owned by its founders until 2006, Greubel Forsey had then decided to share its ownership. Sixteen years later, Greubel Forsey Holding SA announces that, as of March 18, 2022, it owns 100% of the shares of Greubel Forsey Holding SA and Greubel Forsey GFPI. The group, and the companies owned by it, thus regain their full independence. 

Antonio Calce, CEO & Executive Board Member, Greubel Forsey

Antonio Calce, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member, confirms that “this independence will allow Greubel Forsey to define the next stages of development and maturity with complete freedom.” 

The shares of Greubel Forsey Holding SA are held by: 

– Robert Greubel, Founding Shareholder, Majority Shareholder and Chairman 

– Stephen Forsey, Founding Shareholder 

– Antonio Calce, Shareholder, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Board Member 

We wish the new old shareholders, Robert, Stephen and Antonio every success for the future. 


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