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Watchdreamer becomes a key player in the watchmaking online distribution

This year, watchdreamer.com celebrates its 4th anniversary and its transition from a niche digital start-up to a leader in online watch financing and distribution. A success that can be explained by the relevance of the concept, both for end customers and for partner brands.

Nicolas Hildenbrand

In November 2018, Nicolas Hildenbrand, a young creative entrepreneur, founded the start-up watchdreamer.com, based in Pully. Its goal is simple: to offer the possibility to buy a luxury watch with zero-interest financing, staggered up to 48 monthly payments, at no cost. All 100% online, instantaneous and without unnecessary paperwork.

An immaculate customer service

The advantages for customers are clear. Credit at 0% interest, the response to immediate demand, the access to a vast selection of more than 1600 watches available are a few of the exceptional advantages customers have access to when choosing Watchdreamer. Not to mention the unique flexibility in Europe offered by Watchdreamer, it is the exemplary quality of the service that is acclaimed. The team attends to customers’ needs throughout the entire buying process, namely personalized advice at all times and a fluid, simple and efficient digital platform. 80% of transactions are completed on mobile in a few clicks and watches are generally delivered within 5 working days!

A new distribution channel

By respecting the public prices recommended by brands, granting their official guarantees and offering a real luxury service experience with unparalleled transparency and traceability, Watchdreamer is truly opening up a new distribution channel. Thus, the presence of brands on the platform makes it possible to effectively reach a new, larger, younger, digital-based target, quite distinct and completely complementary to the usual customers of brands and physical retailers.

A Swiss success story

The success confirms the relevance of the business model to the delight of watch connoisseurs and partner brands: more than 3,000 watches already sold in 2022, in Switzerland alone! In the space of 4 years, Watchdreamer has become one of the largest official Swiss retailers (online and offline combined) for many brands, including Hublot and Breitling. Watchdreamer is now the official distributor for more than 20 watch brands. The 2018 start-up has indeed become a key player in watchmaking distribution. And that’s just the beginning.

The future

Watchdreamer continues its development with its distinctive and relevant USP. A new website, more fluid and attractive, will be launched in early 2023. Video content, essential to reach the younger generation will flood the platform and augmented reality will be a main feature.

Internationalization is also in the works. New markets will open in 2023, in France and the UK. Watchdreamer is also working on partnerships with jewelry brands to increase their variety. And finally, upon reflection the company is considering a physical presence to complement its online activities… it will obviously be disruptive, unconventional and will offer an experience as fresh as the website has been able to do since its inception.

Learn more from the clients themselves

Watchdreamer customers are the ones who talk about it the best.

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