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Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry’s new retail development and headquarters at Middle Plaza

When Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry expanded into the timepiece market in 2015, the family-owned jeweler tapped into their Silicon Valley clientele’s unique appetite for risk and innovation. “Brands like Krayon are smaller, more creative, and more agile: bootstrap qualities that resonate with the San Francisco Bay area market. Their production is inherently limited – so each timepiece is that much more collectible and coveted,” says Jared Silver.

Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry’s stable of independent watch brands now includes Krayon as well as MB&F, Urwerk, Roger Dubuis, Greubel Forsey, Ressence, Laurent Ferrier, Louis Erard, Speake-Marin, and others.

Krayon Timepieces – “Everywhere” and “Anywhere”

Krayon Founder Rémi Maillat has been widely hailed as one of the industry’s most promising new watchmaking talents. Maillat’s masterful sunrise/sunset timepieces have both earned the luxury watch world’s most coveted accolades – each securing top prizes from the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. The remarkable Krayon Everywhere Horizon took the GPHG Innovation Watch Prize in 2018 and as an encore, Krayon’s Anywhere model earned the 2022 GPHG Calendar and Astronomy Watch Prize.

As a follow up to this magnum opus, Krayon released “Anywhere,” a simpler, more graphic version of the complication that is set by a watchmaker to a specific location but based on a similar mechanism. Anywhere showcases Krayon’s other outstanding quality, its deft hand with aesthetics. Sunrise and sunset times on Anywhere are presented by moveable discs on the periphery of the dial and a moving sun, creating a day/night indicator that changes with the seasons. Differing colors and treatments, including dials decorated with artistic handcrafts have opened realms of aesthetic possibilities for this model, which is now the mainstay of the brand.

Anywhere also boasts a highly finished movement, which places the innovative system of yokes and racks at center stage. Traditionally, sunrise and sunset times are calculated with a cam that must be specifically manufactured for a fixed location. Maillat’s system is movable, and even on the Anywhere model, can be altered by a Krayon watchmaker for a new location.

Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry has opened waitlists to interested collectors, and demand is already strong. The Silicon Valley jeweler is currently projecting an average wait time of 6 months for each custom Krayon timepiece to be built.

Krayon “Anywhere” prototype watches are now on display at the Stephen Silver boutique in Menlo Park, California.

Krayon’s “Anywhere” White Gold Watch

Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry is one of the United States’ premier jewelry houses and timepiece salons. For over 45 years, the independent, family-owned company has helped clients in Silicon Valley and abroad to build and steward their collections over the course of generations, offering access to the world’s rarest jewelry, diamonds, and colored gemstones as well as highly collectible timepieces from leading brands and independent watchmakers.

The Silvers’ unsurpassed expertise in gemology and ultra-rare jewelry has led them to acquire numerous historically significant items, among them the famed Cullinan Blue Diamond necklace, which Stephen Silver donated to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History permanent collection, and the record-breaking 14.93 carat Pink Promise Diamond, daringly recut by the Silvers and sold for a record price per carat. Today, the company remains rooted in the SF Bay Area under the leadership of Jared and Stephen Silver, now a vertically integrated wholesale and retail operation of international reach lauded for its curatorial approach, inspired designs, and innovative, tech-forward approach to independent luxury retail. Visit for more information.


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