Saturday , 2 December 2023



Born in 1951, has known the watch business like no other for 45 years. It is not for nothing that he is known as a watch veteran. He was one of the first “incorruptible” journalists to take a full-time job on the subject of precision timepieces and mechanical wristwatches, thus practically triggering the trend in the media for increased reporting of mechanical watches, which was widely imitated.

In 2005 he founded the Swiss magazine TOURBILLON for watches, people, life & style, which is published quarterly in two languages, a luxury magazine for the watchmaking industry, which, without make-up, dissects the luxury watches, the industry and their protagonists professionally in a journalistic and investing manner with great background knowledge.

In 2009 he launched the first ART OF TOURBILLON in Beijing, an annual TOURBILLON Summit with a charity dinner and auction. The last edition was successfully held in Shanghai.

In 2015 the TOURBILLON blog tick-talk went online. The blog is visited and read by 550,000 unique visitors with the repeaters, and 1.2 million visitors regularly, mostly by UHNWI Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.